Frequently Asked Questions is an advertisement platform that allows advertisers, pubblishers and users earn a little coup of money while they advertise their own business.

it's very simple, you must register an account and then you must surf 10 ads daily in order to earn from your referrals click tomorrow, you also earn only by your clicks, and renting referrals that doing the most work for you, or doing direct referrals wich is the best way to earn.

You can also earning by advertisement of your business. You may update your account upto 5 levels kind of memberships

Like as written in FAQ number 2 you can earn a coup of money for clicking ads and rent or made referrals (you can earn about 300/400 $/monthly) and also advertising your business or products

No, you can't, one account for household IP is allowed, if do you not respect this rule your account will be banned and all your funds and earnings will be lost

Memberships and Upgrading Accounts must be payied with fresh funds like as descripted in Details Page to use fresh funds for buying memberships or upgrade account.

The violation of this rule/suggest would be the only cause if your withdrawals request will be not completed. 

You can advertise every thing but violence and sexual explicit or racism ads will be not tolerate and this also might be the banning of your account and your IP will be also blocked forever.

EarningClicks ha adottato alcune regole precauzionali per rendere la piattaforma più sostenibile ed efficace per un sito a lungo termine e per un sistema win-to-tin

Ad esempio le REGOLE del ROI 200%, i giorni tra i prelievi e i limiti dei referral di affittuari e indirizza i referral, molti più editori che sponsorizzano il nostro sito e questo significa più guadagni da condividere con i nostri utenti e un parametro molto sostenibile per la longevità di questo fantastico piattaforma 

For surfing Ads you must go in EarnMoney section resolve catpcha and so click your ads allowed for your membership level.

Important note: the progress BAR don't work or go so fast, so you must wait the images to validate ads, but don't carefully it works as well.

After bought or sended funds in lineage with the amount like is indicate in the tab on traccimaster page you must open a ticket clicking on support in the footer.

In ticket you must indicate your email(valid one) the transaction id for btc only and the 5 or 3 urls to promote in case of ptp sites please specify it.

After all the slot is setted you will receive an email with starting date and another one with the end of slot.

For Tracking about your traffic you can reach the results by your google stats or any other site's stats, and if you are the site's owner you can track it and see your progress in

Important Disclaimer: for adsense the risk is a surely banned account so do not use traffic master for increase your adsense income.

MobCoin token is a new token half-owned by EarningClicks team, for users who want buy or trade this Token it is possible only on Mintme platform.

Users wich trust and buy and trade with MobCoin will receive a big prizes compensations in balance and repurchase balance.

In order to receive your rewards you must open a ticket with MobCoin amount you bought and your username on Mintme